PRINTOPIA stands for print + utopia.

It means printing a world of perfection. Est. in Sept 2020 on Facebook and Instagram, Printopia is a business run from home studio. All our products are 3D printed on Ultimaker Printers.

We pride ourselves in bringing you a unique collection of bespoke 3D customized gift and everyday use articles for every occasion. Using an array of materials from the Ultimaker Filament imported from Netherlands. Precise care is taken in every little detail when making products for you.

​We spend our days designing, printing & packing your beautiful orders! We truly hope you love them as much as we love to make them for you.

Please do come and say hi on our Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp. We would love to have a chat with you all.

Dream Team

Meet Our Team

Akshit Baj


Nishi Jain

Creative Director

Made of high quality materials and by highest possible standards