Unleash Your Creativity!!

Get creative with this hands-on 3D Pen workshop! Combining the world of art and technology, your child will design and create their very own art work.

This 3 days workshop will introduce your child to the techniques of 3D pen drawing, allowing them to build their problem-solving and psychomotor skills (3D Pens will be provided for the workshop).
Age 7+

Each participant will be able to bring home two art works.

Participants will learn:
•Basic skills for making fun and innovative projects using a 3D Printing Pen, including:
•How to properly handle a 3D Printing Pen
•How to plan and sketch out your own design (templates are provided as well)
•Tips and techniques for creating 3D art
•3D art ideas to kickstart your journey in solving problems and creating imaginative works with your 3D doodle pen!

Charges for this 3 day introductory workshop at 399/- Only

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